Acknowledgement Sample for Undergraduate Thesis (5 Samples)

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By Mohsin Khurshid

The acknowledgment section in an undergraduate thesis serves as a platform for expressing gratitude and recognizing the support received throughout the research journey. This segment, often overlooked, plays a vital role in academic projects.

Five Acknowledgement Samples for Undergraduate Thesis Doc

Below are the five best samples of acknowledgement that you can use in your undergraduate thesis of any domain or field.

Acknowledgement Sample for Bachelor Thesis

In crafting the acknowledgment section for my bachelor’s thesis, I want to express my deep appreciation to my academic advisors, Professor Smith and Dr. Johnson. Their guidance and unwavering support have been invaluable throughout my research journey.

I’m also thankful to my family for their constant encouragement and my friends for their understanding during this academic endeavor. This thesis is as much theirs as it is mine.

Acknowledgement Sample for Undergraduate Thesis

Completing my undergraduate thesis was a significant milestone, and I’d like to extend my gratitude to my thesis advisor, Dr. Garcia, for her mentorship and guidance. I also appreciate the encouragement and support from my fellow students, who made this journey more enjoyable.

Additionally, I’m indebted to my parents for their unwavering support. This undergraduate thesis wouldn’t have been possible without their assistance.

Undergraduate Thesis Acknowledgment Section

The acknowledgment section of this undergraduate thesis is a heartfelt tribute to those who made this academic endeavor possible. I am profoundly grateful to my thesis advisor, Dr. Rodriguez, for her invaluable guidance and encouragement. I also wish to acknowledge the support of my classmates, whose insights were instrumental to this work.

Lastly, my deepest appreciation goes to my family for their enduring support and belief in my abilities. This thesis stands as a testament to their contributions and my academic journey.

Acknowledgement Sample of Undergraduate Thesis

I’d like to dedicate this section of my undergraduate thesis to express my heartfelt appreciation to those who have played a significant role in its completion. First and foremost, I extend my gratitude to my thesis advisor, Dr. Watson, for her expert guidance and unwavering support.

I am also thankful to my peers and friends who provided valuable insights and encouragement throughout the research process. Finally, my deepest thanks go to my family for their continuous belief in my abilities and support, which made this academic achievement possible.

Sample Acknowledgement for Undergraduate Thesis File

The following acknowledgment is a token of my gratitude to the individuals who have contributed to the successful completion of my undergraduate thesis. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my thesis advisor, Professor Anderson, whose guidance and expertise have been instrumental. I am also appreciative of my fellow students for their camaraderie and valuable feedback.

Lastly, my deepest gratitude is reserved for my family, who have been a constant source of encouragement and support throughout this academic journey. This undergraduate thesis file is a culmination of their unwavering belief in my potential.

Sample Acknowledgement for Undergraduate Thesis File

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in the acknowledgement section of an undergraduate thesis?

In the acknowledgement section of an undergraduate thesis, you should express your gratitude to individuals who have contributed to your research and academic journey. This can include your thesis advisor, professors, fellow students, and family members who have provided support and encouragement.

How long should the acknowledgement section be in an undergraduate thesis?

The length of the acknowledgement section in an undergraduate thesis can vary but is typically a brief section, usually no more than one page. It should be concise and focus on expressing gratitude without going into extensive details.

Can I include humor or personal anecdotes in the undergraduate thesis acknowledgement section?

While the acknowledgement section is generally a formal expression of gratitude, it can occasionally include a touch of personal or humorous elements. However, it’s essential to maintain professionalism and ensure that any humor in acknowledgement is relevant and suitable for the academic context.


In conclusion, the acknowledgement section in an undergraduate thesis is more than just words; it’s an expression of gratitude and a way to foster academic integrity. By acknowledging those who have aided you on this educational path, you not only build strong relationships but also ensure that academic ethics are upheld. Utilize the samples provided in this article but make sure you change the names with your actual supervisor or advisor names.

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