Acknowledgement for Practical File (7 Samples)

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By Mohsin Khurshid

Acknowledgment is a crucial part of any practical file. It’s the way we express gratitude to those who’ve helped us along the way. In this article, we present seven practical and simple acknowledgment samples to help you understand how to do it effectively.

Seven Acknowledgment Samples of Practical File

Below are seven acknowledgment samples for practical files of different subjects. These examples will serve as a guide to help you appreciate those who’ve contributed to your project.

Acknowledgement for Practical File

I extend my sincere appreciation to all those who played a crucial role in the completion of this practical file. This endeavor was made possible through the support and guidance of my dedicated teachers, who patiently explained complex concepts and provided invaluable assistance throughout the project.

Furthermore, my friends and classmates deserve special acknowledgment for their collaborative efforts, which greatly enriched the final result. Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to my family for their unwavering encouragement, which motivated me to excel in this endeavor.

Sample Acknowledgement of Practical File

Acknowledgement for Practical File Class 12

I am profoundly thankful for the guidance and assistance I received in completing my class 12 practical file. I owe a great deal of gratitude to my teachers, whose expertise and clear explanations were instrumental in my success. Their unwavering support during this project was greatly appreciated.

I also want to express my heartfelt acknowledgment to my classmates for their collaborative contributions, which enhanced the quality of the project. The encouragement of my friends and family was pivotal in motivating me to excel in this challenging undertaking.

Acknowledgement for Computer Practical File

Creating this computer practical file has been a significant learning journey, made possible through the unwavering support and guidance of my computer science teacher. Her clear explanations and access to valuable resources were pivotal in the project’s completion.

I am also grateful to my parents for their encouragement and my friends for their moral support throughout this endeavor. Their involvement, combined with the dedication of my teacher, has enriched my understanding and practical skills in the field of computer science.

Acknowledgement for Psychology Practical File

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the successful completion of my psychology practical file. This achievement was only possible due to the unwavering support and guidance provided by my psychology teacher. Their clear explanations and valuable insights significantly enriched my understanding.

Additionally, I want to thank my friends for their collaborative efforts, enhancing the quality of the project. Their input and encouragement were invaluable throughout this journey. Lastly, my family’s constant support and motivation played a pivotal role in achieving excellence in this challenging endeavor.

Acknowledgement for Painting Practical File

I extend my profound thanks to those who contributed to the successful creation of my painting practical file. My art teacher’s guidance was instrumental in honing my skills and understanding of various techniques. Their continuous support and creative insights were invaluable.

I’m also grateful to my friends who provided inspiration and collaborated on various aspects of this project, adding depth to the final result. Lastly, I want to acknowledge my family for their unwavering encouragement, which fueled my passion for art and the pursuit of excellence in this endeavor.

Acknowledgement for Physical Education Practical File

Completing my physical education practical file was made possible through the guidance and support of my dedicated physical education teacher. Their expertise and insights were instrumental in the successful completion of this project.

I am also thankful to my classmates who actively participated and contributed to various aspects of the project, enhancing its overall quality. The encouragement of my friends played a significant role in keeping my spirits high throughout the endeavor. Finally, I extend my gratitude to my family for their unwavering support and motivation, which fueled my enthusiasm and commitment to excellence in this undertaking.

Acknowledgement for Physics Practical file

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to those who have significantly contributed to the successful completion of my physics practical file. My physics teacher’s guidance, explanations, and expert knowledge were invaluable throughout this project. Their support and patience have enriched my understanding of complex concepts.

I also want to acknowledge my classmates, whose collaborative efforts enhanced the project’s quality and depth. The encouragement of my friends played a vital role in keeping me motivated and focused. Lastly, my family’s unwavering support has been the driving force behind my commitment to achieving excellence in this challenging endeavor.


Why is acknowledging others in a practical file important?

Acknowledging others in a practical file is essential because it recognizes the contributions and support received during the project. It shows gratitude to teachers, friends, and family, who have played a significant role in the project’s success. Additionally, acknowledging others reflects good academic and personal etiquette, fostering positive relationships.

How should I structure the acknowledgments in my practical file?

Acknowledgments in a practical file typically begin with expressing gratitude to teachers, followed by peers, friends, and family. You can mention their specific contributions or support that proved valuable during the project. It’s essential to use respectful and appreciative language in this section.

Can I use these sample acknowledgments in my practical file as they are?

These sample acknowledgments can serve as a reference, but it’s essential to personalize them for your specific project and experiences. Feel free to adapt the content to express your genuine gratitude and reflect the unique contributions of those who supported you in completing your practical file.


Acknowledgment goes a long way in any practical project. It’s not just a formality, but a heartfelt “thank you” to those who’ve played a role in your success. We hope these samples help you convey your appreciation genuinely and effectively in your practical file.

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